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  1. Some Philosophical Problems From the Standpoint of Artificial Intelligence.John McCarthy & Patrick Hayes - 1969 - In B. Meltzer & Donald Michie (eds.), Machine Intelligence 4. Edinburgh University Press. pp. 463--502.
  2. Virtual Symposium on Virtual Mind.Patrick Hayes, Stevan Harnad, Donald R. Perlis & Ned Block - 1992 - Minds and Machines 2 (3):217-238.
    When certain formal symbol systems (e.g., computer programs) are implemented as dynamic physical symbol systems (e.g., when they are run on a computer) their activity can be interpreted at higher levels (e.g., binary code can be interpreted as LISP, LISP code can be interpreted as English, and English can be interpreted as a meaningful conversation). These higher levels of interpretability are called "virtual" systems. If such a virtual system is interpretable as if it had a mind, is such a "virtual (...)
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  3. Turing Test Considered Harmful.Patrick Hayes & Kenneth M. Ford - 1995 - Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 1:972-77.
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    What Is a Computer?Patrick J. Hayes - 1997 - The Monist 80 (3):389-404.
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    SCL: A Logic Standard for Semantic Integration.Christopher Menzel & Patrick Hayes - 2003 - Semantic Integration, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 82 (2003).
    The Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) [2] is an ASCII- based framework for use in exchanging of declarative knowledge among disparate computer systems. KIF has been widely used in the fields of knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence. Due to its growing importance, there arose a renewed push to make KIF an offi- cial international standard. A central motivation behind KIF standardization is the wide variation in quality, style, and content — of logic-based frameworks being used for knowledge representation. Variations of all (...)
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  6. What the Frame Problem is and Isn't.Patrick Hayes - 1987 - In Zenon W. Pylyshyn (ed.), The Robot's Dilemma. Ablex.
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    Human Reasoning About Artificial Intelligence.Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford & J. R. Adams-Webber - 1994 - Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 4:247-63.
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    Book Reviews. [REVIEW]David L. Kemmerer, Kenneth Aizawa, Donald H. Berman, Stacey L. Edgar, James E. Tomberlin, J. Christopher Maloney, John L. Bell, Stuart C. Shapiro, Georges Rey, Morton L. Schagrin, Robert A. Wilson & Patrick J. Hayes - 1995 - Minds and Machines 5 (3):411-465.
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    Ramon Lull and the Infidels.Clark Glymour, Kennth M. Ford & Patrick J. Hayes - unknown
  10. Android Epistemology.Kenneth M. Ford, C. Glymour & Patrick Hayes (eds.) - 1994 - MIT Press.
  11. Debate on Mental Images.Patrick J. Hayes & Nigel J. T. Thomas - manuscript
    This debate, principally between myself (Nigel Thomas) and Patrick Hayes, the well known computer scientist and Artificial Intelligence researcher, took place through the internet mailing list for the discussion of the scientific study of consciousness, PSYCHE-D (moderated by Patrick Wilken), which is associated with the on-line journal PSYCHE. The discussion touches on the various different senses in which the expression "mental image" may be used, the underlying cognitive mechanisms of imagery, and the relevance of an understanding of imagery to the (...)
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