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  1. added 2014-04-13
    Notes on a Utilitarian Justification of Rights: The Strategy of Pre-Commitment.William Boardman - unknown
    To begin with, we need to separate off the easy talk of “rights” in which they seem automatically to correspond with a person’s duties or obligations. It is of course true that since I have a duty not to wreak murder or mayhem on you, you have the corresponding right that I not do these things. But so far, the talk of “rights” is simply an alternative way to speak of someone else’s duties; the special or unique point to a (...)
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  2. added 2011-09-11
    Hanink on the Survival Lottery.John Harris - 1978 - Philosophy 53 (203):100-101.
    Mr. Hanink objects to my ‘Survival Lottery’ which would save Y and Z, who need new organs, by choosing and killing A at random to provide them. He believes the relevant difference between killing A and not saving Y and Z ‘might well be this: Y and Z can not have A killed without intentionally seeking A's death. But a physician can “not save” Y and Z without intentionally seeking their deaths’.
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  3. added 2011-09-11
    The Survival Lottery.John Harris - 1975 - Philosophy 50 (191):81 - 87.
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