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Childhood, Misc
  1. Julio Groppa Aquino (2016). Nothing but a Game of Cards: Experience, Archive, Childhood. Childhood and Philosophy 12 (23).
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  2. Brock A. Bahler (2015). Merleau-Ponty on Children and Childhood. Childhood and Philosophy 11 (22):203-221.
    Maurice Merleau-Ponty not only published in the fields of phenomenology, aesthetics, politics, and linguistics, but he also lectured as professor of child psychology, which resulted in several texts specifically devoted to the child. Most notably are the works “The Child’s Relations to Others,” Consciousness and the Acquisition of Language, and Child Psychology and Pedagogy: The Sorbonne Lectures, 1949–1952. And yet the question of the child occurs throughout his entire corpus. Thus, it is quite difficult to limit Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy of childhood (...)
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