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    Addressing Marine Plastic Pollution.Laurent J. G. van der Maesen - 2018 - International Journal of Social Quality 8 (2):47-77.
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    Analyzing Societal Circumstances, Sustainability and Sustainable Urban Development: New Theoretical and Methodological Challenges.Laurent J. G. van der Maesen - 2013 - International Journal of Social Quality 3 (1):82-105.
    This article reviews the development of social quality indicators and the challenges ahead. First, through a review of recent Asian and Australian work carried out on social quality indicators, and the World Bank related work on “social development indicators,” the article argues that social quality indicators research should move beyond the empirical level of particular policy areas. Therefore, it should be guided by a clear methodological perspective regarding the role of indicators as part of a social quality theory (SQT) and (...)
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    Editorial: Actual Politics and the Need of Conceptual Clarity.Laurent J. G. van der Maesen - 2019 - International Journal of Social Quality 9 (2):v-xx.
    The challenge of sustainability of all forms of life on this planet concerns directly the actors, agencies, and other forms of the sociopolitical/legal dimension of societies. This has been confirmed by all members of the BRICS nations in the past decade, who said to follow the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN. As argued by Marco Ricceri, with the Paris Agreement in mind, these member states presented a self-imposed and relevant assignment, which will or should function as their (...)
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    Concluding Remarks.Laurent J. G. van der Maesen - 2020 - International Journal of Social Quality 10 (2):113-138.
    The Amsterdam Declaration on Social Quality, 1997More than twenty years ago many European scholars started with the development of a new theory and its application with a declaration, the first paragraph of which follows here:Respect for the fundamental human dignity of all citizens requires us to declare that we do not want to see growing numbers of beggars, tramps and homeless in the cities of Europe. Nor can we countenance a Europe with large numbers of unemployed, growing numbers of poor (...)
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