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    Armando Aranda-Anzaldo (2001). Cancer Development and Progression: A Non-Adaptive Process Driven by Genetic Drift. Acta Biotheoretica 49 (2):89-108.
    The current mainstream in cancer research favours the idea that malignant tumour initiation is the result of a genetic mutation. Tumour development and progression is then explained as a sort of micro-evolutionary process, whereby an initial genetic alteration leads to abnormal proliferation of a single cell that leads to a population of clonally derived cells. It is widely claimed that tumour progression is driven by natural selection, based on the assumption that the initial tumour cells acquire some properties that endow (...)
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    Armando Aranda-Anzaldo (2010). Revamping Molecular Biology for the Twentieth First Century, or Putting Back the Theoretical Horse Ahead of the Technological Cart. Ludus Vitalis 18 (33):267-270.
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  3. Armando Aranda-Anzaldo (1997). The Gene as the Unit of Selection: A Case of Evolutive Delusion: A Case of Evolutive Delusion. Ludus Vitalis 5 (9):91-120.
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    Armando Aranda-Anzaldo (2011). Assuming in Biology the Reality of Real Virtuality (a Come Back for Entelechy?). Ludus Vitalis 19 (36):333-342.