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Romane L. Clark [5]Romane Lewis Clark [1]
  1. Self Knowledge and Self Consciousness: Thoughts About Oneself.Romane L. Clark - 1988 - Topoi 7 (March):47-55.
    You and I reach for a dollar bill on the floor, each saying “I saw it first.” The content of what we say is identically the same. How then is your claim referred to you and mine to me? We argue that the reference of self-ascriptions is effected by the occasion of the occurrence of the first-person indexical rather than by the content of the thought or assertion which then occurs. That this is true has further implications for exotic, self-fulfilling (...)
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    Objects of Consciousness.Romane L. Clark - 1987 - Philosophical Perspectives 1:481-500.
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    Sensing, Perceiving, Thinking.Romane L. Clark - 1979 - Grazer Philosophische Studien/ 8:273-295.
    This paper is concerned with Chisholm's "adverbial theory of sensing". An attempt is made to give a literal statement of what it means "to sense redly" which is consistent with what Chisholm says about sensing and also meets various objections to adverbial theories. The paper concludes with a brief consideration of why it is that Chisholm does not offer an adverbial theory of perceiving, or of thinking in general, as well as of sensing.
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    Seeing and Inferring.Romane L. Clark - 1993 - Philosophical Papers 22 (2):81-96.
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    Sketch for a Symbolic Juristic Logic.Ilmar Tammelo & Romane L. Clark - 1957 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 22 (1):92-93.