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    Visual Control of Hand Action.Stephen R. Jackson & Masud Husain - 1997 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 1 (8):310-317.
  2.  29
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  3. Dorsal Simultanagnosia: An Impairment of Visual Processing or Visual Awareness?Georgina M. Jackson, Tracy Shepherd, Sven C. Mueller, Masid Husain & Stephen R. Jackson - 2006 - Cortex 42 (5):740-749.
  4.  25
    ‘Action Binding’: Dynamic Interactions Between Vision and Touch.Stephen R. Jackson - 2001 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5 (12):505-506.
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    Evidence From Optic Ataxia Does Not Support a Distinction Between Planning and Control Mechanisms in Human Motor Control.Roger Newport, Sally Pears & Stephen R. Jackson - 2004 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27 (1):45-46.
    Evidence from optic ataxic patients with bilateral lesions to the superior parietal lobes does not support the view that there are separate planning and control mechanisms located in the IPL and SPL respectively. The aberrant reaches of patients with bilateral SPL damage towards extrafoveal targets seem to suggest a deficit in the selection of appropriate motor programmes rather than a deficit restricted to on-line control.
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