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    Lindesmith on Addiction: A Critical History of a Classic Theory.Darin Weinberg - 1997 - Sociological Theory 15 (2):150-161.
    The evolution of Alfred Lindesmith's classic theory of addiction is analyzed as a product of the particular intellectual currents and controversies in and for which it was developed. These include the conflicts that pitted qualitative against quantitative sociology: the fledgling discipline of sociology against medicine, psychiatry, and psychology; and advocates of therapy for addicts against those who would simply punish them. By casting the meaningful experience of drug effects exclusively in terms of symbolically mediated mental representations of brute physiological sensations, (...)
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    On the Embodiment of Addiction.Darin Weinberg - 2002 - Body and Society 8 (4):1-19.
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    Praxis and Addiction: A Reply to Galliher.Darin Weinberg - 1998 - Sociological Theory 16 (2):207-208.
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