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  1. added 2020-05-18
    Reflections on the ‘Mirror-Image’ Theory of Platonic Particulars.Edward Slowik - 1997 - Cogito 11 (3):199-205.
    As a means of overcoming the "Third Man" argument, several commentators have developed an influential theory of the relationship between Platonic Forms and particulars based on Plato's use of "image" analogies. This essay explores the viability of this "image-analogy" hypothesis and, in particular, examines an important, but neglected, argument advanced by R. E. Allen intent on establishing an ontological distinction between an image and its object-source.
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  2. added 2020-02-11
    Belief and Knowledge: Mapping the Cognitive Landscape.Sarah Sawyer - 2001 - Mind 110 (438):546-549.
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  3. added 2020-01-31
    Psychology and Ontology in Plato.Evan Keeling & Luca Pitteloud (eds.) - 2019 - Springer Verlag.
  4. added 2019-06-27
    Das Monster in Uns.Gianluigi Segalerba - 2016 - Philosophical Inquiry 40 (1-2):38-57.
    The essay consists in the analysis of the problem of the evil in the man and in the analysis of the remedies which the man can find against the evil. Plato affirms the presence of an active principle of evil in the soul of every man, which coincides with some instincts of the appetitive soul; the opposite principle to the evil is the reason, which needs, though, a correct education in order to be able to fight efficiently against the evil (...)
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  5. added 2019-06-07
    Plato's Metaphysical System. [REVIEW]Pamela M. Huby - 1972 - The Classical Review 22 (3):334-335.
  6. added 2019-06-07
    Il Problema Della Metafisica Platonica. [REVIEW]A. L. Peck - 1933 - The Classical Review 47 (1):36-37.
  7. added 2019-06-06
    John M. Rist, Plato's Realism: The Discovery of the Presuppositions of Ethics . Vii + 286, Price $49.95 Hb.H. O. Mounce - 2013 - Philosophical Investigations 36 (2):188-191.
  8. added 2019-06-06
    Myth, Metaphysics and Dialectic in Plato’s Statesman. [REVIEW]David Ambuel - 2011 - Ancient Philosophy 31 (1):208-213.
  9. added 2019-06-06
    Image and Paradigm in Plato’s Sophist. [REVIEW]Xavier Marquez - 2009 - Ancient Philosophy 29 (1):181-187.
  10. added 2019-06-06
    The Divided Line and United Psychê in Plato’s Republic.May Sim - 2008 - Southwest Philosophy Review 24 (2):87-100.
  11. added 2019-06-06
    The Dialectic of Essence: A Study of Plato’s Metaphysics, by Allan Silverman. [REVIEW]Mark Brouwer - 2007 - Ancient Philosophy 27 (1):184-190.
  12. added 2019-06-06
    Platon, Critique du Matérialisme: Le Cas de l'Hippias Majeur: Dialogue.Raphaël Arteau McNeil - 2007 - Dialogue 46 (3):435-458.
    ABSTRACT The aim of this article is twofold: first, to show that, in Plato's Hippias Major, Hippias is the mouthpiece of a materialist ontology; second, to discuss the critique of this ontology. My argument is based on an interpretation of Hippias Major 300b4–301e3. I begin by revealing the shortcomings of P. Woodruff's and I. Ludlam's interpretations. Next, I define the concept of materialism as it was understood in ancient Greece in order to outline the specificity of Hippias' materialism. Finally, I (...)
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  13. added 2019-06-06
    Plato on Parts and Wholes: The Metaphysics of Structure. [REVIEW]John Palmer - 2005 - Ancient Philosophy 25 (1):189-193.
  14. added 2019-06-06
    Diagnosis and the Divided Line: Pharmacological Concerns in Plato’s Republic.Sara Brill - 2005 - Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy 9 (2):297-315.
    From the care Plato takes in describing the excellence of the doctor in book 3 to the characterization of various pathological elements in the regimes he describes in book 8, the Republic teems with references to medical terms and concepts. The following investigates the breadth of the influence of medicine on the Republic. I argue that a medical vocabulary proves indispensable to indicating the relationship between philosophy and politics that the Republic envisages. In order to do so, this paper examines (...)
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  15. added 2019-06-06
    Plato on Parts and Wholes: The Metaphysics of Structure. [REVIEW]Kathrin Koslicki - 2004 - Journal of Philosophy 101 (9):492-496.
  16. added 2019-06-06
    Fast and Loose About Being: Criticism of Competing Ontologies in Plato’s Sophist.Dana Miller - 2004 - Ancient Philosophy 24 (2):339-363.
  17. added 2019-06-06
    Special Editor’s Introduction: The Metaphysics of Plato and Aristotle.Scott Berman - 2003 - Modern Schoolman 80 (3):165-170.
  18. added 2019-06-06
    Knowing the Whole: Comments on Gill, “Plato’s Phaedrus and the Method of Hippocrates”.Eric Brown - 2003 - Modern Schoolman 80 (4):315-323.
    What does Socrates mean by suggesting that no one can understand the nature of the soul "without the nature of the whole" (Phaedrus 270c)? I raise epistemological and metaphysical questions for Mary Louise Gill's proposal that he means us to consider the whole environment, and I make a case for the old-fashioned interpretation that he means us to consider the whole cosmos.
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  19. added 2019-06-06
    Complex Property Structure in Plato’s Philebus.Harry A. Ide - 2002 - Ancient Philosophy 22 (2):263-276.
  20. added 2019-06-06
    The Categories of Being in Plato’s Sophist 255c-E.R. M. Dancy - 1999 - Ancient Philosophy 19 (1):45-72.
  21. added 2019-06-06
    Le Même et l'Autre dans la structure ontologique du Timée de Platon. Un commentaire systématique du Timée de Platon Luc Brisson Collection «International Plato Studies», vol. 2 Saint-Augustin, Academia Verlag, 1994 , 611 p. [REVIEW]Yvon Lafrance - 1997 - Dialogue 36 (2):427-430.
  22. added 2019-06-06
    Plato on the Origins of Evil: The Statesman Myth Reconsidered.Andrea Wilson Nightingale - 1996 - Ancient Philosophy 16 (1):65-91.
  23. added 2019-06-06
    The Coherence of Plato’s Ontology.Jerrold R. Caplan - 1995 - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 69:171.
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  24. added 2019-06-06
    "Parmenides, Plato, and the Semantics of Not-Being", by Francis Jeffry Pelletier. [REVIEW]James Wm Forrester - 1994 - Ancient Philosophy 14 (1):157.
  25. added 2019-06-06
    Plato and the Foundations of Metaphysics: A Work on the Theory of the Principles and Unwritten Doctrines of Plato with a Collection of the Fundamental Documents. [REVIEW]K. M. Sayre - 1993 - Ancient Philosophy 13 (1):167-184.
  26. added 2019-06-06
    Myth and Metaphysics in Plato’s Phaedo. [REVIEW]Mark Kuczewski - 1993 - Ancient Philosophy 13 (1):157.
  27. added 2019-06-06
    La génesis de las dimensiones en Platón.Juao de Dios Bares - 1992 - Theoria: Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 7 (1-3):451-471.
    This paper deals with the ontological genesis of the series point-line-plane-solid in Plato’s philosophy. The texts of the Dialogues concerning this subject are presented, and passages of the Unwritten Doctrines that we know from Aristotle and other sources are specially considered. Certain problems within this context, such as the postulation of indivisible Iines, or the relation between each of the dimensions and the figures that can be placed in them, are considered in detail.
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  28. added 2019-06-06
    The Ontology of Plato's "Sophist": The Problems of Falsehood, Non-Being, and Being.James Duerlinger - 1988 - Modern Schoolman 65 (3):151-184.
  29. added 2019-06-06
    Image and Reality in Plato’s Metaphysics. [REVIEW]Julia Annas - 1986 - Ancient Philosophy 6:207.
  30. added 2019-06-06
    Unity and Development in Plato's Metaphysics. [REVIEW]Pamela M. Huby - 1986 - The Classical Review 36 (2):320-321.
  31. added 2019-06-06
    Unity and Development in Plato’s Metaphysics. [REVIEW]J. Malcolm - 1986 - Ancient Philosophy 6:218.
  32. added 2019-06-06
    Kenneth M. Sayre, "Plato's Late Ontology. A Riddle Resolved". [REVIEW]Daniel H. Frank - 1985 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 23 (4):579.
  33. added 2019-06-06
    Plato’s Late Ontology: A RiddIe Resolved. [REVIEW]Robert Bolton - 1985 - Ancient Philosophy 5 (2):328-330.
  34. added 2019-06-06
    "Forms Matter and Mind", by Eric Ostenfeld. [REVIEW]R. W. Jordan - 1985 - Ancient Philosophy 5 (2):325.
  35. added 2019-06-06
    The Development of Plato's Metaphysics.Gail Fine - 1984 - Philosophical Review 93 (1):143.
  36. added 2019-06-06
    Plato's Task in the Sophist.R. W. Jordan - 1984 - Classical Quarterly 34 (1):113-129.
    It is often thought that Plato sets himself an important task in the Sophist – that of disentangling different uses, or senses, of the verb einai. Plato is thought to have confused different senses or uses of the verb in his philosophical youth; here he is supposed to correct his mistake, and to mark out a danger area for his successors.1 Plato is also often supposed, by commentators, to have set himself the task of disentangling a second confusion – a (...)
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  37. added 2019-06-06
    Plato’s Arithmological Ordering of Being: A Review of Plato’s Trilogy. [REVIEW]David Lawrence Levine - 1980 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 11 (2):109-128.
  38. added 2019-06-06
    Participation and Predication in Sophist 251-260.Richard J. Ketchum - 1978 - Phronesis 23:42.
  39. added 2019-06-06
    Plato's Relations, Not Essences or Accidents, at Phaedo 102b2-D2.Hector-Neri Castañeda - 1978 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 8 (1):39-53.
    For quite a long time now I have argued against the view, widely held, and forcefully expounded by John Burnet, that at Phaedo 102b2-d2 Plato is formulating the notion of essential attribute and contrasting essence with accident. I have claimed that the essence-accident contrast is absent from that passage. This is a view that others have also held. But I have since 1950 found in that passage a formidable theory of relations. Recently, Professor David Gallop has taken me to task (...)
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  40. added 2019-06-06
    Plato on Knowledge and Reality. [REVIEW]F. H. R. - 1977 - Review of Metaphysics 31 (1):128-130.
    This book is not about the theory of Forms as such, but about Plato’s epistemological realism, his view, in opposition to Protagorean relativism, that there is a realm of fact that counts as the common object of our true beliefs, judgments, and knowledge. This book fills a longstanding need for a lucid, condensed, readable account of aspects of Plato’s thought that emerge in certain of Plato’s middle and later dialogues and pose issues of contemporary philosophical merit. It is White’s contention (...)
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  41. added 2019-06-06
    How Plato's Thought Developed. [REVIEW]I. M. Crombie - 1966 - The Classical Review 16 (3):307-309.
  42. added 2019-06-06
    On the Metaphysics of the Image in Plato’s Timaeus.Edward N. Lee - 1966 - The Monist 50 (3):341-368.
    This paper has two main aims: first, to set forth an analysis of Timaeus 48E-52D and then to explore the significance of those pages for our understanding of Plato’s metaphysics. Students of the “Receptacle” in Plato’s Timaeus have given close attention to the many metaphors he offers in his explanation of its nature. Less attention has been given to the overall structure of the passage in which he presents it. In this paper, I attempt to show that Plato’s exposition there (...)
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  43. added 2019-06-06
    Plato on Knowledge and Reality. [REVIEW]W. K. C. Guthrie - 1965 - The Classical Review 15 (1):33-36.
  44. added 2019-06-06
    Plato' Nuptial Number. [REVIEW]C. H. W. Johns - 1907 - The Classical Review 21 (8):246-247.
  45. added 2019-06-06
    Cook's Metaphysical Basis of Plato's Ethics. [REVIEW]R. D. Archer-Hind - 1896 - The Classical Review 10 (5):246-249.
  46. added 2019-06-05
    Plato's Late Ontology: A Riddle Resolved: With a New Introduction and the Essay, "Excess and Deficiency at Statesman 283c-285c".Kenneth M. Sayre - 1983 - Parmenides.
  47. added 2019-06-05
    An Approach to the Metaphysics of Plato Through the "Parmenides".Leo B. Kaufmann - 1960 - Modern Schoolman 37 (4):326-327.
  48. added 2019-06-04
    William F. Lynch: An Approach to the Metaphysics of Plato Through the Parmenides. Pp. Xiii+255. Georgetown: Georgetown University Press, 1959. Cloth, $6.00. [REVIEW]G. B. Kerferd - 1963 - The Classical Review 13 (3):341-342.
  49. added 2019-06-03
    Being and Not-Being in Plato's Sophist - Michael Frede: Prädikation Und Existenzaussage. Pp. 99. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1967. Paper, DM. 17.80. [REVIEW]D. W. Hamlyn - 1970 - The Classical Review 20 (1):28-30.
  50. added 2019-05-09
    H. Thesleff: Studies in Plato’s Two-Level Model. Pp. Vi + 143. Helsinki: The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, 1999. Paper. ISBN: 951-653-298-5. [REVIEW]Scott la Barge - 2000 - The Classical Review 50 (2):623-623.
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